torsdag, november 24, 2005

Suburban Kids sätter sig återigen i ett trångt och åker till för en spelning på klubbenHOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LOVED?. Datumet är 8 december. /johan


Anonymous Anonym said...

really looking forward to this. thanks for coming over to play...!

details of the night are here:

and you can buy tickets here:


8:17 em  
Blogger TinyClanger said...

Hey guys if you fancy visiting cambridge let me know. (tinyclangers at gmail etc)

2:33 em  
Anonymous ofelia said...

tjena grappar! ni är koola

3:30 em  
Anonymous abrahaw said...

esta claro q no entiendo nada de vuestro blog...pero vuestra musica me encanta....asi q gracias!!

a ver si nos vemos en españa....o barcelona

is clearly normal that i don't understand nothing in your blog, but i like your music a lot, for that,...thanks!!

i hope to see you in spain...or barcelona

12:10 em  
Anonymous Alex Stegeman said...

Dear Suburban Kids With Biblical Names,
My Name is Alexander Brogan Stegeman I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United State of America in the year 1984. I am a student at Carroll College. I dig your records, I mean all of them are pretty swell. I thought that your #1 and #2 were really good and then I heard the album, #3 and I was blown away, I mean, you should come over to the states and play some shows and I would definately come. But the only problem is that I'm gonna go and crash in Anchorage Alaska United States of American for a while and that's a long ways away from anything else so if you do come over to the States to play, please do so sometime but not between January 2006 and July 2006. Keep making the records and I really dig your stuff You can email me at

6:28 em  
Anonymous Phil said...

Psst. Where does one go about getting your disc in the states? Can you send me one? I can paypal it. I tried to leave this in guestbook but it wouldn't fucking work. My e-mail address is:


10:18 em  
Anonymous ian said...

what a fantastic night! thanks for coming over to play! i really enjoyed it - hope you did too.

photos of the night are up on the site now


8:16 em  
Blogger Hampus said...

Kan ni inte bara spela i sundsvall utan 18årsgräns någon gång? :P

Någon får ta och boka er snart innan jag bryter ihop, vill se er i söderhamn men då var det 18årsgräns :(.

6:43 em  
Anonymous D. Day said...

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Anonymous Anonym said...

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Anonymous Anonym said...

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