söndag, februari 19, 2006

New stuff on the horizon 3. There will be a bigger European tour this spring if all works out well. Italy and Germany here we come.


Anonymous Anonym said...

Kommer dere til Norge?

2:37 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

come to leipzig. please!

1:02 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

thanx for coming to hamburg. can't wait to see you tomorrow!

10:25 fm  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Det är ju roligt för dem!
Ni kan inte tänka er att komma till umeå?
I sverige och allt är det ganska passande!

1:32 em  
Anonymous kingofspain said...

come to switzerland? you can all stay in my flat in basel.

1:10 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

come to munich or somewhere in the south of germany!

4:52 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

come to america! i'll pay for the plane ticket

11:27 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

har ni bestämt några datum och platser?

10:30 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

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