söndag, april 23, 2006


Blogger rasmus said...

Det ryktas att SKWBN på något sätt deltar i nån slags konstevent på Harvard, kan man inte få höra mer?

9:20 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

wait...appologies, because i don't know the band members' names...does he normally play with inverted strings? that's pretty impressive.

so how about that san francisco show?

8:04 fm  
Blogger skwbn said...

what about that san fransisco show?
What´s that?
I (Johan) play with the guitar upside down.

3:27 em  
Anonymous nanabird said...

kan man köpa badgen också på någonstans?
gillar den här designen mycket...!

1:58 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

ah, nice to meet you johan. =)

what is the possibility of skwbn playing a show in san francisco?

8:09 fm  
Blogger skwbn said...

the possibility of San Fransico is at the moment nada since we havent had any offers but of course if someone were to invite us over it would be fantastic!

11:59 fm  
Anonymous nox said...

hi all, im from Brasil and i did liked your songs. i discovered it a few days ago, an' it rocks !!
hells yeah !!
my nick is nox, my names is Fernando.
congratulations for the music, is great, is original, is good.

8:41 em  

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