tisdag, maj 30, 2006

So the gig today 30/5 in munich got cancelled due to some smartpants who like to steal windows from swedish hardworking bands. But that gives me the opportunity to finally sit down and write something about this crazy thing called touring. This is my first major tour being away from home for more than a week. It all started up with us being the support act for Belle and Sebastian during theire scandinavian tour which was pretty nice and it was good getting the feeling of being noone for a while again. We all need to be kicked like that some times. It was a great and at the same time strange experience playing all those big venues with catering,tour managers,promotion extra important persons and so on. Some of our gigs were good some of them were worser. My favorite moment on the B&S tour though was probably the show in Rockefeller in Oslo and the last show in Copenhagen. At that time we had really started to understand and work the Belle and Sebastian engineers. We had a really stressfull time just before the gig too with booking agency related trouble/finding somewhere to sleep but i think that just made us stronger and when it was time for our thirty minutes of fame in Copenhagen we really didnt care about anything. I think we all were a little happy the scandinavian tour was over and the start of the European tour was on the horizon. That is a different story though that i don´t have the time to start digging into now. I´ll get back to that as soon as time will let me.


We will probably give you loads of picture here in a near future when we find wireless internet again /Johan


Blogger ebi said...

hello Suburban Kids, here is Enzo from Bologna, Italia.
You can find pictures and mp3s of the radio show here!
I just want to say say thank you once again, hope to meet all of you again very soon :-)

9:14 fm  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Will you make up for the cancelled show in Munich??

2:15 em  
Blogger Rower @ pirater.nu said...

Tjenare killar, gillade Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Rent-A-Wreck
Fick den av en polare förut, finns det något ställe man kan dra hem den, skulle även vilja ha eran video, hör av er till Rower@home.se om ni har lust.. =)
Tack för skön musik

1:56 fm  
Blogger kurmidt said...

love that ur touring with b&s, hope u make it to toronto sometime.


7:26 em  
Anonymous Damon said...

Hi Suburban Kids,
tour tour tour!!! More live more live performance!!
I watched your performace in Rockefeller!! Your performance are soooooooo nice!!! I was really impressed!!! Please keep on going!!! Support!!!

Forgot to say, My name is Damon from Hong Kong but staying in Oslo for study a while~

9:14 em  
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