lördag, juni 24, 2006

So what the hell is happening with Suburban Kids these days you might ask? Well a lot of things actually! We have signed to the american label Minty Fresh. We are determined to release a new EP at the end of the summer. The songs are starting to mold and shape as we speak. The record simply named #3 will finally be released in UK and Ireland and a kind of "best of" EP will be released at the same time. Maybe we will do a couple of shows in the UK during this. That picture is taken before our show in Bologna. That same day we did a radioshow called polaroidallaradio where we performed two songs live. One of them was the really old song "Stockholm Water Festival". You can listen to them at polaroid.blogspot.com



Blogger Teddy said...

I truly am in love with your music ever since I found out about it. I love the photos of yours as well, and I was thinking about how much I'd love to rock a SKWBN t-shirt. Have you guys ever considered desigining some?

Thanks a lot for everything.

p.s. Come to the U.S.

4:02 fm  
Blogger skwbn said...

Hello Teddy!
We have T-shirts. Please check them out right here right now

11:12 em  
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